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Manicure/Pedicure aftercare

To get the most from your treatment:

For 4-6 hours after a manicure we advise you to avoid… 

• Heat such as automatic hand dryers, baths, saunas or swimming pools 

• Putting hands in water (for at least an hour) 

• Applying pressure to their nails 



Phenomen Oil* – massage into nails, cuticles and the back of each hand before bedtime. 

Hand & Body Moisturising Emulsion – apply daily to hands, arms and body. 

2-3 Days

Re-apply Brilliance to maximise treatment benefits. 

If you are not wearing colour, re-apply Base Coat every 2/3 days and remove it completely once a week.

If your polish chips, re-apply one coat of polish and one coat of Brilliance on top of your manicure.

7-14 Days

Always keep your nails sealed and protected.  If you are unable to have regular manicures we recommend a simple at home routine including Base Coat, Custom Colour, Top Priority and/or Brilliance as above. 

Allow 24 hours before starting daily use of Phenomen oil as it may lift the polish.

We recommend the use of gloves for added protection when doing manual/house work to keep your manicure looking wonderful!

Although there are lots of Home Care Essentials we recommend our favourites are:

Phenomen oil – Intensively conditions and softens cuticles whilst promoting nail growth and strength.  £9.50

Brilliance – Unparalleled high gloss finish with UV inhibitors and reflective polymers.  £12.50

Top Priority – Adds strength. Seals and protects polish for a longer lasting manicure£12.50

Custom Colour – Natural nail care, 7-Free and vitamin enriched nail polish£11.00

Pedicure foot file: Use three times a week before a bath or shower to remove excess hard skin.

Zenspa Intense Heel Repair Creme: Apply each night to soften hard skin and prevent cracked heels.